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Why Choose Peter Hyman CA?

There are three main reasons to use Peter Hyman CA to assist with your taxation needs.

1. Service

All services are performed by the Director, Peter Hyman. This ensures you only receive the highest level of service compared to other firms where junior staff members are often involved.

2. Tax and Commercial Expertise

During his career, Peter has worked on both sides as a professional adviser and also in very large commercial businesses. The dynamics of working on both sides gives Peter a valuable insight into what is important to a business from a tax perspective as well as how those tax considerations fit into the larger picture.

Peter has also had the opportunity to work alongside some of the best advisers and lawyers in Australia and on some of the biggest projects undertaken in Australia and the world. This experience has given him considerable tax and commercial expertise that a lot of normal accounting practices cannot bring to their client base.

3. Cost

Peter Hyman CA does not maintain leased premises, instead operating as a mobile service travelling to clients as required. In addition, as the Director performs all the services himself, there are no staff related overheads.

Staff and lease costs are the two most significant expense items to an accounting firm. By eliminating both of these, the firm is able to provide services in a cost efficient manner to clients.

With regards to specialist services, such as tax dispute and audit support, we note that our costs are often significantly below those of mid-tier and large accounting firms for similar levels of expertise and service.